Hard Drive Destruction

Verus Computer Solutions offers secure hard drive destruction and recycling. Data destruction is a very important step in phasing out old computers and the data stored on their hard drives. Personal information theft is a reality. From large to small businesses to people performing online banking or accessing services that require sensitive personal information. Simply leaving your old computer and its hard drive contents in the hands of general electronics recycling companies the hard drive may pass through many unsecure hands before being shredded. Many people also do not realise that even if you delete personal or company information off of your deprecated computer hard drive, the data may still be accessible.

The process begins with a Verus Computer Solutions agent arriving at your residence or place of business. We pick up and securley transport the hard drive(s) to an NAID certified or Government of BC funded business that securley stores then physically destroys the hard drive causing the data on the internal platter of each hard drive to be unretrievable.

Once complete we issue a certificate confirming the destruction of your hard drive(s).

For more information and availaibility of Verus Computer Solutions’ secure hard drive destruction in your area, email or call at info@veruscomputersolutions.com or 604.726.3264.

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Verus Computer Solutions has supplied a variety of personal computer users and businesses with on site or pick up computer and network support since 2002 and are based out of the Tricities (Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Moody) in British Columbia
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